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(no subject)
The challenge is over! I'm happy I did it. I've met some awesome ladies. I meal planned my ass off this week, and I know it helped. I just need to keep it up. It's nice to already have food available. It stops curbs unhealthy eating. Plus the food I made was delicious. Black rice, veggies, and beans. So good. I also started running again! I'm at the wogging (walk/jogging) stage, but I'm hoping to build my stamina to compete in actual races in the next few months. I've also attended a couple of pole dancing classes, and I'm definitely going back for more. Physical Therapy is going well. I'm so glad I'm feeling this positive at the end of this challenge. It wasn't always easy.

I've been up and down for this entire challenge, but I think meal planning might be the one thing that is going to help me the most onward. 

Challenge wrap up:

I started this challenge on 9/28/11 at 180.3lbs
Today I'm 174.6lbs.
Total challenge loss: 5.7lbs This has been a seven week challenge, and I am perfectly happy with that number. 

ChartCollapse )

I lost 7.1lbs this week. Insane. I did everything properly. I ate real meals that kept me full, I drank water, and I started a new fitness workout. I made sure to limit my sodium. Well, I'm moving all of my fitness and healthy eating posts over to blogspot. Most of the people I have met through Shrinking Jeans are on there, and it would be a lot easier for me to be connected to them through that site. I'm still keeping this journal though. I love LJ. 

(no subject)
Wed 11/2: Stretch 10min
Thurs 11/3: Therapy Session (Walking, Elliptical, Recumbent Bike) 45min
Fri 11/4: Stretch 10min
Sat 11/5: 2.5miles 30min
Sun 11/6: Cardio Dance and Weights 1hr20min
Mon 11/7: Stretch 10min
Tues 11/8: NY Pole 1hr

245 minutes total

That being said...I'm up 3.3lbs this week. I wasn't surprised. I made some bad food choices. My body has also been out of whack. I haven't been sleeping as well lately. Plus bloating...tmi? Moving on. So I went to a pole dancing class and it was awesome. I got a deal on groupon. It was a lot of work. Next time, I'm bringing my heels. My physical therapist gave me permission to run again, so I did! I can only run on grass right now because of my unstable knees, but it was awesome. I won't be able to run again until Friday because of class and therapy sessions, and I am already excited about it. 

(no subject)

I had to do a lot of cutting back because of physical therapy, but I got in a couple of workouts. I hope I'll be cleared to do more next week. I'm not going to count my PT sessions...but I'm definitely going to count the 10 minutes of stretching I do everyday.

Wed 10/26: Stretching 10min
Thurs 10/27: Stretching 10min
Fri 10/28: Stretching 10min and Zumba 1hr
Sat 10/29: Stretching 10min
Sun 10/30: Stretching 10min
Mon 10/31: Stretching 10min
Tue 11/1: Stretching 10 min, Elliptical 40min, Strength 20min, Tworkout 10min

140 minutes total. It's frustrating, but I want to get better.

LJ won't let me upload my chart, but I'm at 178.4lbs, down .2lbs this week. I'm happy with that considering I've had to cut back on my workouts.

Until next week. 

(no subject)
So my doctor sent me to physical therapy, and they believe I have tendinitis and a ligament problem in my right leg. It's a bummer, but I'm getting help for it. This week's challenge was minutes. I had to cut back due to doctor's orders. Definitely frustrating. I miss lifting weights already. I'm going to have to use the machines instead of the barbells now. It just isn't the same for me.

Wed 10/19: Elliptical and Body Tone 1hr 20min
Thur 10/20: Rest
Fri 10/21: Zumba 1hr
Sat 10/22: Rest
Sun 10/23: Zumbathon 1hr
Mon 10/24: Rest
Tue 10/25: PT session

200 minutes total. I didn't count my PT minutes, but the session included a lot of stretching and walking. With all of that, I'm still down 3.1lbs. Shocking. 

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Until next time.

(no subject)
Another week down. Here's what I did:

Wed 10/12: Elliptical and Body Tone 1hr 30min
Thurs 10/13: Pilates Stretch and Body Pump 2hr
Fri 10/14: Zumba Tone 1hr 15min
Sat 10/15: Rest Day
Sun: 10/16 Body Pump 1hr
Mon: 10/17 Wii Zumba, Body Pump, and Zumba 2hr 15min
Tues 10/18 Rest Day

426 total minutes

PictureCollapse )
I'm down 0.9lbs which is an improvement from last week. I think I need more cardio. I'm been doing a lot of strength training. I hope our challenge for the week is miles. I'm ready to hop back on the elliptical. I'll post my chart when I charge my iPod. Toodles~!

(no subject)
Shrinkvivor check in! I wasn't feeling so hot this week, but I did manage to get my minutes in. Slightly less than last week though. I dunno what happened with the scale...water weight, muscle weight...next week will be better.
Wed 10/5: Rest
Thur 10/6: Pilates Fusion and Body Pump
Fri 10/7: Mind and Body Stretch and Zumba
Sat 10/8: Walk (1 hour)
Sun 10/9: Body Pump and Cardio Dance
Mon 10/10: Rest
Tues 10/11: Wii Zumba (1 hour) and Wii Fit (30 minutes) 
6 classes x 60 minutes + Wii Zumba and Wii Fit + Walk= 510
Last week: 179.0lbs
This week:  182.5lbs
One step back...two steps forward. I'm definitely looking forward to next Wednesday. I hope it's muscle weight. That would be amaaaazing.

Check in!
Shrinkvivor check in day! I made it through the week! Our challenge for the week was to log in our exercise minutes. My week went like this:

Wed 9/28: Step Interval and Band Camp
Thurs 9/29: Cycling and Pilates Fusion
Fri 09/30: Mind and Body Stretch Pilates
Sat 10/01: Rest Day
Sun 10/02: Cardio Dance
Mon 10/03: Cardio Kickboxing, Body Pump, and Zumba
Tues 10/04: Mind and Body Stretch Pilates 

10 classes x 60 minutes each = 600 minutes total!

Last week: 180.3lbs
This week: 179.0lbs 

Total lbs lost: 1.3lbs

Pictures~Collapse )

Shout out to my fellow Pinkberry Dough Girls!! Go Pink~!

It's begins! I am part of the Pink Tribe a.k.a. The Pinkberry Dough Girls!! Today I'm checking in at 180.3lbs. This week's challenge is to track our minutes of exercise. My graduate class was concelled tonight, so I'm going to head over to the gym for Band Camp (resistence training) and maybe some Zumba...I'm not a fan of the Wednesday instructor...though I'll probably end up on an elliptical machine.

For this challenge we are required to post a before pic. So here it is...

BeforeCollapse )

I'm going to take a pic each week to mark my progress.

(no subject)

Okay so I did complete the Burst Into Summer challenge over at http://shrinkingjeans.net. I lost a total of 10.2lbs AND I won a kick ass pair of New Balance sneakers through their raffle. I haven't gotten the sneakers yet, but I am eagerly awaiting their arrival. Shrinkvivor challenge starts at the end of this month, and I think I will sign up to participate. It was cool last year. I hope I get an awesome team again.

I had strabismus surgery this week to correct my eyes, and I'm kind of tired, so I'm going to head off. Ta! 

(no subject)
 I forget about this thing sometimes. I'm still here! Still going to Zumba, cycling, and strength training. This challenge has been a success so far. It ends August 31st! I've been drinking lots of water and eating proper portions. :) Wednesdays are check-in days, so I'll post again then. Happy Saturday!