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(no subject)

I had to do a lot of cutting back because of physical therapy, but I got in a couple of workouts. I hope I'll be cleared to do more next week. I'm not going to count my PT sessions...but I'm definitely going to count the 10 minutes of stretching I do everyday.

Wed 10/26: Stretching 10min
Thurs 10/27: Stretching 10min
Fri 10/28: Stretching 10min and Zumba 1hr
Sat 10/29: Stretching 10min
Sun 10/30: Stretching 10min
Mon 10/31: Stretching 10min
Tue 11/1: Stretching 10 min, Elliptical 40min, Strength 20min, Tworkout 10min

140 minutes total. It's frustrating, but I want to get better.

LJ won't let me upload my chart, but I'm at 178.4lbs, down .2lbs this week. I'm happy with that considering I've had to cut back on my workouts.

Until next week.