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Love me!

When I look in the mirror I love my:

Hair! I stopped chemically straightening my hair fall of '07. It was so badly damaged. I got it cut into that Rihanna asymmetrical thing that was cool back then. I've snipped all of the straightened ends, and I have an ever growing fluff of kinky-curly hair. I love it so much. 

Legs! I've always loved my legs. They have an awesome shape. Nice calves. Nice thighs. Love them. Even when I was at my largest (216lbs) my legs were still fly. My father's family always told me growing up that I have the same legs my Nana had. They told me I looked like her the most, and I cherished that.

Butt! My mother tells me that she got the butt and I got the boobs, but I am totally okay with that. I don't want a big butt. It's the perfect size for me.

Today is run a mile day!

So...I went to work knowing that right after I was going to walk over to the track and get in some miles. Um...went home and was like "eh no way." My mother told me my aunt would be at the gym, so I decided to go and meet up with her. I felt better knowing that I wasn't being a lazy ass. My aunt was a no show, but I stayed at the gym and ran. All together I got in 3.4 (including the walk to and from the gym). So happy I didn't give in to doing nothing.
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