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(no subject)
Shrinkvivor check in! I wasn't feeling so hot this week, but I did manage to get my minutes in. Slightly less than last week though. I dunno what happened with the scale...water weight, muscle weight...next week will be better.
Wed 10/5: Rest
Thur 10/6: Pilates Fusion and Body Pump
Fri 10/7: Mind and Body Stretch and Zumba
Sat 10/8: Walk (1 hour)
Sun 10/9: Body Pump and Cardio Dance
Mon 10/10: Rest
Tues 10/11: Wii Zumba (1 hour) and Wii Fit (30 minutes) 
6 classes x 60 minutes + Wii Zumba and Wii Fit + Walk= 510

Last week: 179.0lbs
This week:  182.5lbs
One step back...two steps forward. I'm definitely looking forward to next Wednesday. I hope it's muscle weight. That would be amaaaazing.