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(no subject)
Another week down. Here's what I did:

Wed 10/12: Elliptical and Body Tone 1hr 30min
Thurs 10/13: Pilates Stretch and Body Pump 2hr
Fri 10/14: Zumba Tone 1hr 15min
Sat 10/15: Rest Day
Sun: 10/16 Body Pump 1hr
Mon: 10/17 Wii Zumba, Body Pump, and Zumba 2hr 15min
Tues 10/18 Rest Day

426 total minutes

I'm down 0.9lbs which is an improvement from last week. I think I need more cardio. I'm been doing a lot of strength training. I hope our challenge for the week is miles. I'm ready to hop back on the elliptical. I'll post my chart when I charge my iPod. Toodles~!