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(no subject)
So my doctor sent me to physical therapy, and they believe I have tendinitis and a ligament problem in my right leg. It's a bummer, but I'm getting help for it. This week's challenge was minutes. I had to cut back due to doctor's orders. Definitely frustrating. I miss lifting weights already. I'm going to have to use the machines instead of the barbells now. It just isn't the same for me.

Wed 10/19: Elliptical and Body Tone 1hr 20min
Thur 10/20: Rest
Fri 10/21: Zumba 1hr
Sat 10/22: Rest
Sun 10/23: Zumbathon 1hr
Mon 10/24: Rest
Tue 10/25: PT session

200 minutes total. I didn't count my PT minutes, but the session included a lot of stretching and walking. With all of that, I'm still down 3.1lbs. Shocking. 

Until next time.

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Awesome job on the loss! Wtg on those minutes even with injury!


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