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(no subject)
Wed 11/2: Stretch 10min
Thurs 11/3: Therapy Session (Walking, Elliptical, Recumbent Bike) 45min
Fri 11/4: Stretch 10min
Sat 11/5: 2.5miles 30min
Sun 11/6: Cardio Dance and Weights 1hr20min
Mon 11/7: Stretch 10min
Tues 11/8: NY Pole 1hr

245 minutes total

That being said...I'm up 3.3lbs this week. I wasn't surprised. I made some bad food choices. My body has also been out of whack. I haven't been sleeping as well lately. Plus bloating...tmi? Moving on. So I went to a pole dancing class and it was awesome. I got a deal on groupon. It was a lot of work. Next time, I'm bringing my heels. My physical therapist gave me permission to run again, so I did! I can only run on grass right now because of my unstable knees, but it was awesome. I won't be able to run again until Friday because of class and therapy sessions, and I am already excited about it.