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The challenge is over! I'm happy I did it. I've met some awesome ladies. I meal planned my ass off this week, and I know it helped. I just need to keep it up. It's nice to already have food available. It stops curbs unhealthy eating. Plus the food I made was delicious. Black rice, veggies, and beans. So good. I also started running again! I'm at the wogging (walk/jogging) stage, but I'm hoping to build my stamina to compete in actual races in the next few months. I've also attended a couple of pole dancing classes, and I'm definitely going back for more. Physical Therapy is going well. I'm so glad I'm feeling this positive at the end of this challenge. It wasn't always easy.

I've been up and down for this entire challenge, but I think meal planning might be the one thing that is going to help me the most onward. 

Challenge wrap up:

I started this challenge on 9/28/11 at 180.3lbs
Today I'm 174.6lbs.
Total challenge loss: 5.7lbs This has been a seven week challenge, and I am perfectly happy with that number. 

I lost 7.1lbs this week. Insane. I did everything properly. I ate real meals that kept me full, I drank water, and I started a new fitness workout. I made sure to limit my sodium. Well, I'm moving all of my fitness and healthy eating posts over to blogspot. Most of the people I have met through Shrinking Jeans are on there, and it would be a lot easier for me to be connected to them through that site. I'm still keeping this journal though. I love LJ. 

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Go Shera, go! Great job and I'm so glad I got to know you during this challenge! Ann

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